Get started in 4 simple steps

Register or join your WAPPS-Hemo centre

If you are a health care professional treating hemophilia patients, you can register your WAPPS-Hemo center or join an existing center.

  • Create your user credentials.
  • Read and accept the WAPPS-Hemo user agreement.

Request an individualized PK for your patient

Create a new patient record or add a PK study to an existing patient.

  • Record your patient’s infused dose and sample measurements
  • No washout or “test” dose is needed; 2-3 samples taken after one or more infusions performed as part of a regular prophylaxis treatment plan are sufficient.
  • In less than 24 hours, the link to the PK results will be in your email inbox.
  • Personalized comments and suggestions by the WAPPS-Hemo PK experts will help you interpret results and troubleshoot.
  • An interactive graph and a printable handout will help you educate your patient.

Create Treatment Plan

  • The unique WAPPS-Hemo clinical calculator function helps you explore the best treatment option for each of your patients in real-time.
  • Select two of the three parameters: dose, frequency, and target trough, to calculate the third. View the peak, trough, and weekly consumption for the specific treatment plan.
  • You can save the treatment recommendation in the patient record and print a hand-out for your patient.

Enable the myWAPPS app for your patient

  • Activate the myWAPPS app for your patient after generating the optimized treatment plan prepared with the WAPPS-Hemo clinical calculator.
  • With myWAPPS, your patient will be able to see their predicted plasma factor activity level in real-time by recording their infusions.
  • For more information, please visit myWAPPS .

WAPPS-Hemo is a global network

  463 Centres
  6626 Patients
  13666 Total PK studies
  10048 Unique PK profiles
  2727 PK: Children 6-11
  1107 PK: Children 0-5
  238 mywapps users
  7872 mywapps infusions

Factor VIII

Factor IX

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myWAPPS, the WAPPS-Hemo powered personal PK monitor for hemophilia patients is now available in the Apple Store and Google Play. Click here for details.