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myWAPPS, the WAPPS powered personal PK monitor for hemophilia patients is now available on Apple Store and Google Play. Click here for details

Welcome to the WAPPS-Hemo service's webpage. The WAPPS-Hemo project is a centralized, dedicated, web-accessible, actively moderated database that allows participating hemophilia centres to securely input factor VIII/IX plasma levels from sparse samples of their patients, returning individual pharmacokinetic estimates (PK). These estimates are generated by a proprietary automated population PK engine and manually validated.

The specific aims of the service are:

  • to empower hemophilia treatment by facilitating individual PK assessment,
  • to allow for the robust estimation of individual PK parameters from a reduced number of plasma samples, and
  • to enhance knowledge about the value and application of population PK methodology to hemophilia care.

You can find a few power point presentations about WAPPS here.

If you wish to join this project, or just learn more about it, please contact us.

Best Regards,
The WAPPS-Hemo Project

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