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Welcome to the WAPPS-Hemo service's webpage. The WAPPS-Hemo project is a centralized, dedicated, web-accessible, actively moderated database that allows participating hemophilia centres to securely input factor VIII/IX plasma levels from sparse samples of their patients, returning individual pharmacokinetic estimates (PK). These estimates are generated by a proprietary automated population PK engine and manually validated.

The specific aims of the service are:

  • to empower hemophilia treatment by facilitating individual PK assessment,
  • to allow for the robust estimation of individual PK parameters from a reduced number of plasma samples, and
  • to enhance knowledge about the value and application of population PK methodology to hemophilia care.

You can find a few power point presentations about WAPPS here.

If you wish to join this project, or just learn more about it, please contact us.

Best Regards,
The WAPPS-Hemo Project

Attention: Research Employment Opportunity
Job Title: Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Site: School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo, Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Lab: Dr. Andrea Edginton

A Postdoctoral Research Fellow position is available in the laboratory of Dr. Andrea Edginton in the School of Pharmacy, University of Waterloo. Our laboratory is active in developing model-based methods for application to clinical pharmacology. Our primary expertise is in physiologically-based pharmacokinetic (PBPK) modeling of small molecules and biologics for the purposes of extrapolation. We are also active in collaborative ventures with academic and industry partners.

Specifically, we are working closely with the McMaster Hemophilia Research Group in Hamilton, Ontario on the Web-based Application for the Population Pharmacokinetic Service - Hemophilia ( The group has amassed a large database of PK data for Factor VIII and Factor IX and we are working closely with them to develop the population PK models used for the service and to use the sponsor and clinical data to conduct research.

The Postdoctoral Research Fellow must have demonstrated competence in non-linear mixed effects modelling with an interest in PBPK. This position will take an active role in the research as well as the PharmD and graduate teaching activities of the lab.

The post is available for one year, in the first instance.

Please email Andrea Edginton directly at